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This course is meant to help you discover your passion for front-end design by creating a small personal project. This course has 8 lessons, and 1 text lesson where you will be able to try 5 challenges in HTML and CSS, if you want.
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What will you learn

from this course

You will learn basic things like heading levels, different types of text, or how to change the background color, all the way to more important things like how to create a form or a navigation bar.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone interested in front-end development. With this fast course, every student is able to see what front-end development looks like when working with HTML & CSS.
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Course curriculum

What you will see in this course

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    New Chapter

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1 ~ level headings

    • Lesson 2 ~ lists, images, and texts

    • Lesson 3 ~ tables

    • Lesson 4 ~ link pages

    • Lesson 5 ~ forms

    • Lesson 6 ~ the navbar

    • Lesson 7 ~ basic CSS code

    • Lesson 8 ~ HTML & CSS challenges (optional)

    • Final lesson